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Wrinkles on Neck

Leena Palande Aug 25, 2020
Wrinkles on the neck are the first apparent signs of aging. Here we provide some information about the various causes, treatment options, and preventive measures for this condition.
Aging results in wrinkled skin. If you want to look young and beautiful, you need to prevent wrinkling of your skin. Wrinkles on the neck and face appear before wrinkles on any other part of the body. It is the first give away sign of your age. As a result, the skin on neck becomes papery thin. A wrinkled neck destroys the young and fresh look of your face.


Excessive Exposure to Light

The skin on the neck is delicate, and this makes it more susceptible to damage caused by exposure to UV rays or any other form of harsh light. The harmful UV rays damage the connective tissues present beneath the skin. This causes sagging of skin prematurely.

Abnormal Weight

We all know that fat is distributed all over the body. Excessive fat generates bands on neck. The fat on the neck, eyes, and cheeks start reducing with the advancement of age. Therefore, with reducing fat content, the skin starts sagging on the neck and throat, which is often referred to as turkey neck.
Apart from this, obesity can be one of the main causes of untimely wrinkles on the face and neck. Drastic weight loss in a very short span results in extreme sagging of skin.


During aging, cellular activity starts diminishing. There is reduction in the production of elastin and collagen, which causes skin to loosen. This leads to a wrinkled neck, wrinkles on face and a double chin. Also, decrease in production of natural oils make your skin appear more dry. The reduction of fat present underneath the skin makes your neck loose.


Pollution, UV rays, smoke, rain, snow, and other harsh conditions affect the skin of neck. The moisture content of the skin is seriously affected by the polluted air and water.

Imbalanced Diet

Imbalanced diet affects the skin on the neck as it affects the skin on other parts of the body. A deficiency of vitamins, especially vitamin E and minerals, or a diet lacking protein content may also result in wrinkled neck at an early age.

Wrong Habits

Irregular sleeping habits or other occupational habits such as staying for a long time in water may damage your skin. Skin dehydration, or even excessively moist skin, excessive exposure to the sun or any kind of harsh light, and harmful chemicals present in cosmetics are common causes of early appearance of wrinkles.

Stress on Neck

A poor posture while sitting in the office whole day may cause stress on the neck, and this is bound to cause lines or crevices on the skin of neck. This excessive stress on the neck results in the pulling down or sagging of the neck skin.


Positioning of Head at a Correct Angle

Always try to keep your head in such a way that there is less creasing of the neck skin. If you are in a job, where you continuously work on a computer, the screen should be so placed that you look straight into it, and you don't have to bend your neck.
Also, do not droop your head while reading. Always pay attention to the position of your head while standing, walking, and sleeping. The head should not be elevated too high, as it may cause strain on the neck.

Keeping the Neck Skin Moist

People often moisturize the skin of the face by applying good amount of moisturizer on the face, but tend to neglect the neck, which causes loosening of skin of this area.
Therefore, regular application of moisturizer, sunscreen lotion, and skin care creams on the neck protects the skin from harsh conditions. Use of effective anti-wrinkle face creams or anti-aging masks, also prevents sagging of skin on the neck region.

Healthy Diet

Plenty of water, and fresh fruit juices must be included in the daily diet of a person, to prevent wrinkles on the skin. Fresh fruits and salads will give your skin a glowing look. A daily consumption of at least 6-8 liters of water helps your skin look fresh and radiant.
A healthy diet rich in fruits such as oranges, bananas, lemon, and papaya are helpful to reduce lines on a wrinkled neck. These fruits are rich in antioxidants that keep your skin fresh, healthy, and young-looking. Your diet should contain a high level of antioxidants, if you wish to have a fresh, healthy and young-looking skin.


You can tone your neck muscles by exercising. Certain facial exercises can be performed daily to reduce development of these lines. One such exercise to stretch your neck muscles can be performed by tilting your head back, left, and right slowly, without moving your shoulders. You will notice a huge difference if you perform these exercises daily.

Keeping the Mind Healthy

A peaceful mind is reflected through a glowing skin. Stress is responsible for hormonal imbalance, which results in dry, rough skin, and wrinkled skin. Yoga and meditation helps maintain composure of the mind, thereby giving you a healthy skin.


A massage with aloe vera juice promotes contraction of neck muscles, which helps tighten the skin. Apart from this, proper skin care is absolutely essential for a healthy and glowing skin.

Medical Intervention

Dermatologists recommend Retin-A creams which accelerate cellular metabolism. With modern medical treatments, dead cells from the top layer of the skin can be removed. This reveals the younger-looking skin which is present beneath. There are various modern-day techniques like skin tightening options and plastic surgery, which tighten the skin.
Everybody wants to look young, and wrinkles on neck can completely hamper the look. To look younger, you should take care of your neck. There is no magical skin cream that can make the wrinkles on neck disappear completely. You cannot expect instant results from aforementioned treatments. Therefore, it is better to take care of your skin right from teenage.