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What to Do When You're Stuck in an Elevator

Being claustrophobic and getting stuck in an elevator can be the worst experience of your life. Read this post to know what to do. in case, God forbid, this misfortune comes your way.

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Some of us fear heights, some fear creepy-crawlies, while some have a fear of being stuck in a crammed-up space. So if you are one of those who gets claustrophobic just with the thought of sitting in a room with closed windows, there are a few things that you need to know, so as to combat this problem and stay calm.
Being stuck in an elevator can be one of the most traumatic experiences of one's life. It can leave you scarred to an extent that you never use an elevator again. Even a genius like Dan Brown's character, Robert Langdon, could not escape this fear.
If you are reading this post as a preventive measure, or even if you are reading this while you are stuck in an elevator, here's what you need to do.

You Should

Be Calm
Being calm is easier said than done in a moment that promotes panic.
But what are your options? Panicking about being stuck in a lift is not going to allow you to think clearly. So, take a few deep breaths, get your mind on a positive line of thought, and think of how you can get out of the situation. First thing you need to do is find a light.
Use your phone's flashlight or just get the screen started. This way, you will be able to see the emergency call button on the elevator's number pad.
Call for Emergency Help
Every elevator has an emergency call button, and it is meant for this precise moment! In fact, the elevator might also have an information placard saying what to do in case of an emergency. Some elevators also have an intercom system set up.
Make use of every option available to you to get of the claustrophobic situation. If you cannot get through the maintenance department of the building, call the extension of the person you were visiting in the building. When all else fails, call 911!
Try to Get Attention
Send a text to your friend who can come and get you out of the lift.
Let someone outside know that you are stuck in an elevator. Putting up a status message on a social networking site is also a great idea, for it lets a lot of people know about your situation. If help hasn't come your way yet, then knock or bang the door to seek some attention from those in the building.
Be Patient
While you are trying to do everything to get someone to notice your situation, it is important to be patient.
Getting worked-up will add to your panic and make you even more nervous. Even if the building maintenance has called you up, it is going to take them a while to attend to your problem. Meanwhile, fretting over it will only worsen your problem. Sit back and try to relax, while someone is trying to get you out.

Now, You Can Also

► Listen to music on your phone or a music player.
► Read a book if you are carrying one, or read one on your phone.
► Rehearse a song and learn its lyrics.
► Make a list of things you need to do when you get out.
► If you are stuck with strangers, talk to them and find out what they do. This could be your chance to finding a new friend.
► If you are stuck with a friend, make a plan for the weekend.
► Clean out your purse or your briefcase.
► Catch up on sleep that you are usually deprived of.
► Style your hair in different ways.
► If there is a mirror in the elevator, check out how you look in different expressions.
► Memorize multiplication tables while you are stuck.
► Promise yourself that you will never take an elevator again, unless absolutely necessary, as you will be more health-conscious from now on!
While it is true, that being stuck in an elevator can be one of the harrowing experiences of life, it is also true that it will give you some time out. You could take this time for some introspection, or to go over things you've been wanting to do differently.
The most important thing to remember while you are stuck in the elevator, is to maintain your calm. A mind at peace is better at handling a stressful situation than one which creates stress inside itself.

 Mukta Gaikwad

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