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Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Sailee Kale Aug 26, 2020
For the sick and the elderly, using an adjustable bed can provide added comfort. Since he/she can rest in an inclined position which may not just prove beneficial while eating and drinking but also alleviate certain medical conditions.
People who are unwell, elderly, or have been confined to beds because of a mishap often use adjustable beds. Like hospital beds, these beds are specially designed to offer extra relief. As the name implies, they can be adjusted as per the patient's requirements. The head, side rails, the feet, or the entire bed can be elevated and lowered as the need be.
They usually come fitted with electronic controls to facilitate such functions, and even have wheels attached for easy transport of the patient. They are also very convenient from a caregiver's point of view.
Apart from these advantages, using an adjustable bed for elderly and ailing people can actually prove beneficial to their health. For many patients, lying straight on the back is either contraindicated, or can prove to be very uncomfortable after a certain amount of time, and that's where an adjustable bed offers help.

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Alleviates Backache

Patients with back pain are advised to use adjustable beds. A flat surface may not provide enough comfort to the spinal cord, resulting in excess backache and sleeplessness. A bed that has been inclined at 45° angle provides better relief, and also helps the person to sleep better.
Using the right foam mattress or a memory foam mattress can also alleviate the pain. Patients suffering from spinal stenosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis are often advised by doctors to use adjustable beds.

Relief from Acidity and Heartburn

People suffering from acidity, especially those who have GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), should ideally sleep with their head elevated by 6-8 inches. This helps the stomach to retain the acids which otherwise might pass into the esophagus, causing heartburn. Depending upon severity of your ailment, you can elevate the bed head as much as you want.

Helps in Breathing

Adjustable beds take the pressure off your heart muscles, and that eases breathing. Lungs can function better if the upper half of the body is raised.
Those suffering from a bad cold and congestion also benefit from using this kind of bed, since sleeping in an elevated position keeps the fluid buildup at bay, it helps the mucus to drain from the lungs and helps the individual to breathe better and enjoy a good night's sleep. Elevating upper body is also beneficial for asthma patients and people who snore.

Eases Pain due to Fluid Retention

Patients suffering from edema have to put up with swollen feet and legs. But an adjustable bed provides immense comfort and even reduces the swelling. Those who have pulmonary edema should sleep with their head and chest elevated, while those who suffer from edema in the lower extremities should raise their knees and legs for maximum comfort.

Other Advantages

Some adjustable beds are fitted with massage units, and thus also function as massage beds. For those suffering from neck and shoulder pain, a massage can work wonders. It eases stress and relaxes tensed muscles.
For insomniacs, these beds offer multiple sleeping positions, so they can find one which puts them to sleep faster without tossing and turning too much, or use the massage option which might lull them to sleep.
Individuals with varicose veins should also use these beds. Sleeping with the legs elevated above the level of your heart can prove advantageous for them because it improves blood circulation and reduces the pain.
Even if you have no physical ailment as such, an adjustable bed can offer many advantages when you return after a hard day's work. Relaxing with the knees and head elevated, or using the massage option on an adjustable bed is perhaps the best way to unwind.
Adjustable beds come in a variety of sizes, from king and queen sizes to single beds. Buy a bed depending upon factors like the medical condition, presence or absence of caregiver, and the need for additional medical equipment to be fitted along with the bed. They will definitely aid in the faster recovery of the patient.