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Snoring Remedies That Work

Gagan Dhillon Aug 25, 2020
If snoring is a problem that you or your partner suffer from, then we offer you the solution. Check out the solutions you can choose from and say goodbye to sleepless nights. Read on to know everything about snoring remedies that work.
Snoring is one problem that most of us can identify with. If not as the snorer, then at least as a victim of sleep deprivation. Snoring occurs when there is a blockage in the passage of airways. This causes the respiratory system to rattle or vibrate.

Causes of Snoring

► Relaxed muscles of the tongue and soft palate cause snoring.
► Enlarged tonsils affect the sound, intensifies the snoring.
► Blockage of airways due to sleeping on the back.
► A blocked nasal passage is another culprit.
►A misaligned jaw or fat gathered in the throat.
►Decreased muscle tone in aged people causes snoring.
►Smoking and alcoholism.
Problems caused in Relationship
We know that snoring can cause a rift in some relationships, where at one hand a partner may feel helpless, while the other is accused of not understanding. In this situation, neither party is at fault as the snorer is equally helpless. Well not for long! As here we have a list of solutions that work.

Cures That Work

► One should reduce weight, follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. That way, obstructive fat can be dealt with.
► To quit smoking also helps. One should also reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages after nightfall.
► Sleeping on the side can help in dealing with snoring caused due to sleeping on the back.
► Changing the pillow and opting for an anti snoring pillow that elevates your head can also reduce snoring.
► Clear your nasal passage before sleeping.
► Avoid sleeping pills, and also the food that causes the throat muscles to relax.

External Aids

There are some other snoring solutions that work. Most of these aids can be purchased from your local medical store. Some external snoring aids that support the chin and jaw are:

Medical Tape

Perhaps, it is the cheapest anti snoring cure but this is not for the faint-hearted. In this method, the snorer just tapes his mouth shut with the medical tape, as a result of which he is forced to breathe through his nose. Since the tendency to take in gulps of air through the mouth is ruled out, the nasal passage remains clear, and hence no snoring.

Chin Strap/Jaw Supporter

This device works by supporting the jaw forward to facilitate nasal breathing. This is achieved as the tongue doesn't roll back in the mouth and cause obstruction in the airways.

Chin Cushion and Strip

A chin cushion works on very much the same concept as that of a chinstrap with the exception that it also supports the head and prevents it from falling forward.
These snoring aids mainly work by keeping your mouth closed, so that the throat is clear and free from obstruction. These aids compel the user to change his breathing pattern. The main disadvantage of these aids is that they are bulky to use, and make the user feel claustrophobic.

Nasal Breathing Aids

Another set of snoring remedies that work are nasal breathing aids. Like the name suggests, these aids compel the user to breathe from his nose and assist breathing by keeping the passage clear.

Nasal Brace

A nasal brace is a device that is inserted into the nose to open the passage for clear unobstructed breathing.

Nasal Strips

These products are very popular in the market. The plastic strip is placed on the nose like a band-aid and it pulls the nasal passage, thus opening it and facilitating clear nasal breathing.

Nasal Clips

This anti-snoring aid is attached to the area that separates the two nostrils. It dilates the nasal passage by exerting pressure on the nerve.
Some people also use nasal decongestants. Snoring sprays are also available in the market. Many people opt for surgeries like Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty (TAP), Tonsillectomy, and Adenoidectomy.
These are mainly corrective surgeries that widen the airways by removing excess tissue and correcting any abnormality. People who tend to snore because of breathing problems can also counter snoring by simply exercising.
Hopefully, you are now equipped with the nitty-gritty of snoring remedies that work, so there is no need to worry about snoring. Choose from a whole variety of cures, and sleep well because you won't be bothering anyone with your snoring any more.