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Do Sauna Suits Really Work?

Sauna suits are nylon or rubberized clothing, which work by trapping heat and promoting perspiration. If you are wondering about basic of sauna suits, do they work as claimed by the proponents, read on.
Sauna suits are basically exercise clothes, worn commonly by athletes and bodybuilders, while indulging in training sessions. For this reason, they are also known as sauna sweat suits or sauna exercise suits. They are made up of waterproof fabric such as nylon, plastic and rubberized vinyl.
The name sauna suit is assigned, as it is designed to give the same sweating results of a traditional dry sauna. Here we will find out what are sauna suits and do they really work to lose weight or not.

Sauna Suits for Weight Loss - Do They Work?

In the present scenario, the popularity of weight loss fad is on the rise. This brought about the promotion of sauna suits for weight loss. Nevertheless, do not get carried away with the several advantages claimed by the proponents of this clothing.
Because, there are also its dangers, resulting after using it frequently for an extended period. A safer way is to gather information regarding facts about sauna suits, do they work in shedding calories and user reviews.
Speaking about the usage directions, sauna suits are worn just like normal clothing. The using directions are provided along with the suit. There may be fastening belts, so as to ensure that no heat escapes from inside the suit.
As you exercise by wearing a sauna suit, the increased body temperature is trapped to promote higher metabolic rates and induce loss of water. Consequently, the sweat that is generated contributes to weight loss. In most cases, the results of wearing sauna suits are observed immediately.
The weight loss mechanism of a sauna suit lies on the basis of excessive sweating and losing water weight. As we all know, healthy weight loss (resulted by performing exercise and watching your diet) accounts to loss of the accumulated fats in the body.
While this is not the case with sauna suit related weight loss; the reduction in the weight scale is nothing but the water and electrolytes lost by perspiration process. Hence, the more you sweat, the higher will be the extent of weight loss with sauna suits.
Coming to sauna suit dangers, they are more or less similar to the medical complication caused by excessive sweating. While perspiration to some extent is beneficial to detox the body, excess sweating is associated with weakness, heatstroke, dehydration and other medical complications.
In simple words, sauna suits are safe until and unless they are used for a short period and that too once in a while. They are of great help to boxers and professional athletes whose objectives are to shed a few pounds and maintain weight.
Before using sauna suits, a thorough medical examination is essential to rule out metabolic disorders. After all safety is the first priority, after that comes losing weight. The candidate will be asked to drink lots of water (a large glass after every 15 minutes) while exercising, by wearing sauna suits.
It is of utmost importance to keep the body hydrated to avoid complications. Also, to reap sauna suits benefits, the candidate is also expected to eat small food servings, rather than having large meals.
So, this was all about sauna suits, do they work to induce weight loss and possible side effects after using them. If you still decide to use sauna suits, consult and seek advice from a qualified physician. The doctor may perform general physical examination and prescribe certain directions to overcome the risks of increased sweating.
Last but not the least, accept that one of the most agreed fact that the resultant weight loss is only short-term. Once, you start drinking daily recommended water, your body weight will return to the previous value.