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Salt Lamps

Aastha Dogra Jul 30, 2020
Salt lamps are made from Himalayan salt or halite, more commonly known as 'rock salt'. The following section gives more information about these lamps.

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Lighting a salt lamp lends a kind of ethereal beauty to the interiors. They have a high decorative value. However, they are much more than just ornamental pieces. Being made from Himalayan salts, they are very beneficial for the mind as well as the body.

How They Work

Salt lamps are made from natural crystallized salts which are native to countries like Pakistan, Iran, Poland, Russia, and Central Europe. Large crystal salt rocks are drilled to make room for a bulb. When the bulb is lit, the salt crystals get heated and release certain negative ions into the environment.
These ions are believed to have the same effect on the environment as modern-day air purifiers, i.e. they clear the indoor air of pollutants which can otherwise affect health adversely. These ions attach themselves to the airborne pollutants, making them heavy. When the pollutants become heavy, they fall to the ground and are thus not inhaled.
This makes the environment clean, fresh, and livable for people. It is believed that allergies, headaches, and tiredness which are so commonly experienced by people in offices and homes with improper air circulation can be eradicated by placing salt lamps there.


One of the foremost benefits of salt lamps is that lighting them increases the negative ions in the environment. These ions are believed to increase the blood flow to the brain, thus elevating the person's mood and increasing his concentration.
As they purify the air, they are quite beneficial to people who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma, common cold, or flu. This is because, they remove the dust particles and bacteria from the air which may otherwise cause these health problems in a person.
Another important benefit is that they help fight mental ailments such as depression, stress, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, due to their soothing effect on the mind. They are favorable to people who suffer from insomnia as lighting them by the bedside can create a very relaxing atmosphere, which is conducive to sleep. They are also known to cure joint pain.


Opinions remain divided on whether these lamps really work. Some people who have been using them vouch for their benefits and say that their health has definitely improved. Some say that they did not experience any of the claimed positive effects.
Nevertheless, seeing how widely psychiatrists and other mind healers use them, if not all, at least one of the benefits of creating a relaxed environment seems to work. Moreover, they do not have any side effects. Hence, there is no harm in keeping one in your home or office.
Salt lamps look beautiful, lend an unparalleled aesthetic appeal to interiors, and in some cases can even prove to be promoters of health. Choose a lamp which is slightly bigger in size and heats well, enabling a large amount of negative ions to be released into the air.