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Is Pepper Spray Really Useful for Self-defense?

Natasha Bantwal Jul 30, 2020
Of late, a lot of folks, especially women, have been promoting pepper sprays as the ultimate solution to anyone's self-defense needs. So, whether you are a beat cop doing rounds, or a single woman walking down a lonely street at night―this spray is your answer to every problem.
The only problem is, even though pepper spray might be the ultimate solution for close encounters, it isn't the only solution for all situations―like it's made out to be.
This spray is actually a kind of chemical compound that is used for personal self-defense and riot control, and has even effectively been used to ward off enraged animals. There are very few people who can withstand a fairly large dose, but like any kind of firearms, the spray only breeds a false sense of safety. But, for the time being, it will do.
So, buying a canister of the spray is surely a step in the right direction, but you have to remember that it is only a tiny step when it comes to preparing yourself against a mugging scene or a violent street fight.
It is very important to know how to use this spray properly―after all, you don't want it being a liability instead of an asset right? I believe that the spray should be implemented in self-defense training along with the other self-defense techniques. It is important to look at it as another weapon in your arsenal, and not as a replacement.
Like any other kind of weapon, the spray also has its own set of limitations. Law enforcement agencies still prefer using other kinds of self-defense weapons over sprays when they are dealing with violent rioters and criminals.
It's not like you will get time to reach into your bag and take out your spray if an attackers gets close to you too soon―but it is still a start, and you'll probably need some kind of self-defense training to back you up.

Self-Defense with Spray

You have to be extremely careful when it comes to buying self-defense products. You need to fully understand and research thoroughly about the product you are buying and what kind of role it will play in your defense program.
Though sprays go a long in enhancing your training, and can actually fend off criminals and abductors, they surely won't ever replace hand-to-hand combat training, and they are not 100% effective.
With the 'fast food and mall' culture picking up in pace these days, people are now looking for newer, easier, cheaper, and quicker solutions to all their problems.
After all, reality isn't anything like that―it is definitely not easy! However, it is wise to buy the kind of self-defense spray that suits you the best, but it is advisable to continue with those self-defense training programs and martial arts classes.

Can the Spray Save Your Life?

The main ingredient in any pepper spray is Oleoresin capsicum, which is a chemical that is derived from hot cayenne peppers. When sprayed right into an attacker's face, the spray will affect the eyes, skin, throat, nose, and lungs.
You know how it feels when you accidentally run chili powder or pepper in your eyes, right? Unpleasant to say the least! Double that pain and you are still nowhere close to how painful this spray can get.
The attacker will find it extremely hard to breathe within minutes of being sprayed, as the bronchial tubes begin to swell. The effects last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on how much has been sprayed. So that will give you lots of time to get out of there.
The effectiveness of this spray motivated manufacturers to make it easily available to the public at large. The spray generally comes in a variety of cans that range from half-ounce cans to one pound ones, or even more! The spray can also be bought in concealed products like lipsticks, pens, rings, and pagers.
At the time of purchase, remember that the concentration of Oleoresin capsicum varies anywhere from 1% to 18%. As a general rule, anything between 1% to 5% is considered most effective. Higher concentrations tend to be very thick and don't get atomized, while anything less strong just won't work.
There are typically three different types of sprays: mist, fog, and stream. Fog sprays are considered to be the most effective. Each of these sprays has a range that is effective anywhere from 4 feet to 20 feet, depending on the type and size of projection.
Pepper sprays cost anywhere under $10, which is a very small price to pay when you take into consideration you peace of mind and personal safety.
All in all, these sprays can work and will probably prevent you from being a victim of crime. However, using the sprays along with other self defense weapons like stun guns, can make it a lot more effective―and you'll most probably get away safe and sound.
One of the best and most effective non-lethal weapons in the market, the spray gives you an edge over your attacker, especially when you take him by surprise!