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Meditation Techniques for Concentration

Geeta Dhavale Jul 27, 2020
It is a known fact that meditation builds and strengthens your ability to concentrate, which in turn helps you focus on a particular thing with ease and makes life much easier for you. This article shares some very effective secrets about meditation techniques that are beneficial for concentration.
There are so many times when our mind refuses to concentrate on something. So many times you are just physically present somewhere and your mind strays away somewhere else.
At times, you really want to concentrate but you just cannot do it. It happens at the work place, school, during lectures, sometimes even while cooking, or watching TV. A lot of times you just cannot control it, and find that the mind wanders away anyway, keeping you from concentrating on the task at hand. Meditation comes to your rescue.
Meditation not only helps you sharpen your brain but it is also helpful for your physical well-being. It helps you improve and revitalize your overall health. In ancient times, saints and sages used to practice yoga meditation to be able to have complete control over mind, body, and soul.
Meditation is all about combining the body and mind to change the brain's chemistry, which helps you attain a psychological and emotional balance. According to doctors and psychologists, meditation is a scientific technique that alters the function and format of the brain.
It is the scientific way of channelizing your inert energies towards a particular target in a focused manner. Practicing meditation regularly improves the process of thinking, learning, and other cognitive abilities.

Meditative Breathing Technique

All you have to do in this technique is close your eyes and breath in a particular rhythm. It is one of the greatest meditation techniques that you can learn. Follow these steps to practice this technique effectively:
  • Before you begin, calm yourself down and change into some comfortable clothes.
  • Once you are completely relaxed, sit comfortably on the floor or a mat. Do not sit with a hunched back. Maintain an upright position, as it helps you take in more oxygen.
  • Fold your legs and place your hands comfortably on your lap.
  • Now start inhaling by taking in deep breaths. When you breathe in, hold the air in for some time (you may count till four at first, and gradually increase the count) and then release.
  • Continue doing this for some time and feel your breaths. Acknowledge the oxygen when it travels from your nose to your lungs and then spreads to the entire body revitalizing each part.
  • In the same manner, pay attention when you exhale.
  • Maintain the same rhythm throughout, and do this for minimum 10 minutes.

Object Focus Technique

As the name suggests, in this technique, a person needs to focus his or her entire attention on a particular object. If you are a student, this technique can prove very effective for you and your studying methods.
  • Choose a place that is silent and radiates positiveness, wear comfortable clothes, and attain a comfortable seated position.
  • Then choose the object for concentration. You may choose a piece of paper, a glass, a painting, or any other object.
  • Once you have decided what object will you concentrate on, start staring at it. Try to notice all its details and ignore everything apart from that object.
  • Now notice one specific thing on that object and direct your attention towards that one thing. For example, if you are staring at a flower painting, then focus on one of its petals. This helps you zero in your mind and attention.
  • While concentrating, continue deep breathing and feel the breaths. Follow this process for a minimum of 10-15 minutes.

Meditative Counting Technique

This technique involves breathing and counting simultaneously.
  • Get into comfortable clothes, select a quiet place, and attain a comfortable seated position.
  • Once you are ready, start deep breathing in a rhythmic flow.
  • Now close your eyes and start counting from one to a particular number, say 100, then repeat this. You can also start counting backwards, that is, from 100 to 1. This gives more exercise to your brain.
  • While counting, you can count with the same speed for some time and then slowly increase the speed. Come back to the normal speed again. Try different speed variations in this technique. You can also take different sets of numbers for counting.
  • You can also combine this technique with object focus technique for better results.
Apart from this, you can also try Buddhist meditation, Vipassana meditation, and Zen to get peace of mind and relaxation. These techniques help you relieve mental as well as physical stress. Meditation is one of the best exercises for your brain.
Not only adults, but children can also practice these techniques for improving their memory. Children with a low attention span can use these meditation techniques. They have also been proved beneficial for children with various psychological and mental disorders.
Children generally are very hyperactive and over-imaginative. These meditation techniques help you calm down, think logically, and channelize your ideas in a constructive manner.