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Insoles for High Arches

Smita Pandit Jul 30, 2020
If your feet have a high arch, you should use insoles or shoe inserts for proper arch support. This story provides information on the benefits of using such insoles and the brands that offer them.
The term 'Pes cavus' refers to a structural foot abnormality wherein the curved part of the foot arch that runs from the heel to the toe is very high.
When the arched middle part, or the gap between the underside of the foot and the ground is more, the amount of pressure exerted on the instep and the metatarsal bones is more. This adversely affects the stability of the ankles. It also leads to poor shock absorption.
The ball and heel of feet are burdened more while walking, standing, or running. Though this condition might be inherited, at times, an excessively raised arch could also be attributed to neurological conditions. Well, whatever be the cause of high arched feet, the symptoms can be quite distressing.
One might experience severe foot pain due to this condition. The best way to manage the symptoms is to use orthotic insoles. You can either buy shoes that have arch support or insert good quality custom-made insoles in your shoes. This will certainly help in managing the symptoms of this foot condition.

High Arched Feet

Unlike flat feet or fallen arches, where there is hardly any gap between the underside of the feet and the ground, there is a wide gap between the underside of the feet and the ground in case of people affected by pes cavus. When a person affected by this condition walks, stands, or runs, the heel generally tilts inwards. This makes the foot unstable and makes one susceptible to ankle sprains.
One might experience stiffness, pain, and tenderness along the arch while walking. Those who develop high arches due to neurological conditions might develop foot drop. Since the neurological condition causes the foot muscles to weaken, such people start dragging their feet while walking.
People with high arches are also at an increased risk of developing hammer toes, claw toes, and calluses. They might even experience pain in the knees or calves due to this condition. The best way to ease the pain is to use the best insoles.

Best Insoles

Orthotic insoles, are basically foot supports, that facilitate better shock absorption and even distribution of weight. Thus, they take the pressure off the soft tissues as well as the tarsal bones that are present in the mid foot.
If you have been thinking of buying insoles, you might have already come across various brands. Well, the manufacturers will naturally make tall claims about their product to be the best. That leaves one feeling quite confused. If you can't make up your mind, you could consult a doctor or a podiatrist.
Some of the brands that offer insoles for flat feet and high arched feet include Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports, Superfeet, Lynco, Sof Sole, Arch Angels, Sole, and Dr Foot. Spenco insoles have received good reviews. These are quite popular and are even recommended by doctors. Spenco Arch Cushions come with proper heel and forefoot cushioning, and also help in evenly distributing weight over the entire foot.
These can be inserted in casual shoes and running shoes. Many reputed footwear brands have also introduced running shoes for people with high arches. So, if you are an athlete, then you can insert insoles in your running shoes. You can also wear custom-made orthopedic shoes, if the pain persists even after using insoles.
If you experience arch pain or discomfort due to high arches, make use of orthotic insoles to prevent any further complications.