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Information About Infrared Sauna Heater and Kits

Abhay Burande Jul 28, 2020
Infrared saunas differ in some aspects from traditional saunas. From the volume of the sauna, the number of emitters can be calculated. Have a look in more detail...
Infrared radiation has a wavelength less than radio waves and more than visible light. This electromagnetic radiation pierces the body and heats it by a process called conversion. An infrared sauna uses infrared radiant heat to directly warm the occupants with heaters. It does not use steam, it produces radiant energy.
This is similar to the Sun's heat without any harmful ultraviolet rays. The heaters were developed in 1965 by Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa. It is a wooden box or a small wooden room that has many infrared heaters. These heaters do not intend to heat the air.
The air temperature must be sufficient to prevent the body from cooling down without sweating. As the units are in a room, the air gets heated and a traditional sauna is simulated. Some of the infrared sauna manufacturers are:
  • American Infrared Sauna Co.
  • SaunaKing
  • Josen Beauty and Sauna Connection
  • Xiamen Kornate
  • Di Vapor
  • Brighton Sauna
  • Miracle Heat
  • Sauna Ray
  • Dian Chiang Chia Industrial
  • QCA Spas
  • Kingston Global
  • Eze Sauna

Infrared Sauna Heaters

Some models have been developed that enable to place the heater on a specific portion of the body. As there is no steam, the room is not heated. The body heats up fast and lesser energy is required. A majority of infrared sauna heater elements were coated with steel in old technology.
This required more time to heat, operated at high temperatures, and consumed more energy for deep tissue penetration. Now, this is replaced by ceramic-coated heater elements. These can be used at low temperatures and more efficiently.

Building the Far Infrared Sauna

Although any size is possible, most common sizes are 4x4 and 4x6. Components needed are Housing/Reflector, reverse of reflector with emitters installed, Ceramic FIR emitter, Emitter with reflector, reverse side of emitter and optional Aluminum wire grate cover. Dimensions of housing reflector combo are 23⅝ inches length, 3⅜ inches width and 3 inches depth.
Every housing/reflector has 2 emitters. They have a removable swivel wall bracket that adds up to 1 inch to the depth. The reflector has a length of 19¾ inches, a width of 3.5 inches and depth of 2½ inches. Every reflector has 2 emitters. Housings are available for 1, 3, 4, or 5 emitters. 
One infrared heater emitter supplies 163 watts. It is 9¼ inches in length and 2¾ inches in width. First, the volume of the sauna is calculated. This is multiplied by 17 to determine the total watts needed. The total watts are divided by 163 to determine the number of emitters required. For 2 emitters, 1 reflector, and 1 housing is essential.

Infrared Sauna Kits

Some kits are available in a ready-to-assemble stage and pre-constructed sides. The assembly takes only 20 minutes. These units are portable. After plugging in a normal 110 Volts receptacle, it warms up in 10 minutes.
The operating temperature is within a comfortable range of 110 to 150 Fahrenheit, in contrast with the 160 to 180 range of traditional saunas. The operating cost is as low as a toaster. Resistant pure ceramic far infrared heaters are used. There are 3 heaters. 400 watts each on the front and back and 350 watts on the floor.
In those having 5 heaters, there are 2 of 350 watts on the back and front and 1 of 200 watts on the floor. In those having 6 heaters, there are 3 of 300 watts on the back, 2 of 350 watts on the front, and 1 of 300 watts on the floor.