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How to Stop Yourself From Crying

Can you always depend on someone to cheer you up when your sadness pours through your tears? You wouldn't always be lucky enough to have someone around. In fact, sometimes you have to stop yourself from crying.
It could be a fight with your partner, a taunt by someone, a failed attempt, your squealing boss or overwhelming mental pressure, tears can flow at your weakest moments. Sometimes you are in an awkward social setting to bawl your eyes out, say when you are at your workplace /mall /restaurant or may be you are a man.
You may not always have an understanding and supportive friend by your side to help you stop your tears. I would suggest you to watch a lighthearted movie, play video games or just watch plain old television. But, that may not always be possible especially if you are out in a public place and have a sudden outburst.

How to Stop Crying

Splash your Face with Cold Water

It has an instant soothing effect on your face and calms you down. Tearing up can make your face go red with the excess flush of blood rushing to your face.
Cold water also helps instantly bring down the puffiness in your face. So, the next time you begin to cry, head straight to the restroom. It will give you some privacy too. You can also reapply your makeup and touch up your hair style. You will be as good as new.


It is said that the points on our palms and feet are directly connected to many parts, functions and organs of the body. Here is an acupuncture trick, press the little mound of flesh between your index finger and your thumb. It feels like a little ball of muscle. Press it hard. It can help you stop crying instantly, so I am told. This technique is also used to cure headaches.

Music Mantra

When you are crying, it is best to distract yourself. One of the best things you could do is listen to some music. Listen to some slow, soft and happy songs. They really help to lift up your spirits and calm your nerves. Do not listen to heavy metal or rock or anything that is too fast and loud. It has an opposite effect and magnifies your feelings.

Steer Clear of Cell Phones

Give yourself a little break from the world when it becomes difficult to stop crying. Keep your phone on an 'off' mode. When you are already crying and miserable, you tend to call or text someone out of anger and frustration.
It will do you more harm than good and you might end up regretting about being impulsive in the heat of the moment. In fact, the more you talk about your  problem with someone at that instant, the more you will cry.

Go Bird Watching

Nature has an immensely soothing effect on a broken heart. Just take a break for 5 minutes, stare out of the window or better yet go to a park. A little walk coupled with bird watching helps get your mind off your problems. It also feels very peaceful to look at the nature around you because we hardly do that often anymore.


I am not encouraging you to become an emotional eater but a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine can really help you ease up the feelings of unhappiness and despair. In fact, they are both known to create feelings of happiness by boosting the production of happy hormones inside your body. Check yourself for the quantities of your intake.

Wear a Perfume

It is known that the human brain associates smells with distinct feelings. Wearing your special or favorite perfume when you are sad or crying can help bring back the happy feelings from the memories of the scent. Else, you can also smell a rose or a citrus fruit. They help to make you happy too!

Fight your Tears

I do mean that literally. One of the best things to do when you are crying is to vent out all the negative feelings by going for a quick run or a hardcore boxing session. Punch your pillow, have an intense aerobic session or anything that makes you sweat it out.
You will feel refreshed and revitalized. I have often noted that 30 minutes in the gym really helps me forget about my sadness and suddenly the whole matter starts to seem too trivial to be sad over.


Concentrating on your breathing pattern is like a mini-meditation session. Whatever technique you use, do it by closing your eyes if possible and focus on your breathing. Take long and deep breaths. Hold them. Do this for 2 minutes and when you open your eyes, your urge to cry will be suppressed.

Browse Funny Sites

This is my favorite method, there are some insanely funny websites that will literally having you rolling in the aisles with the outburst of laughter irrespective of your state of mind. You have my word on it. I would suggest sites like "damnyouautocorrect.com", "fmylife.com", "thefunniest.info" and "fbhumor.com".
It is perfectly natural to cry. Some situations call for calm composure because you just cannot afford to cry in public and then later feel embarrassed about it. Moreover, it's best to avoid such situations and become the talk of the room. I used to be a major weeper. Now, I have a hard time crying even when I am alone. I am sure they will work for you too.

 Urvashi Pokharna

Francisco Gonzalez