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Health Benefits of Saunas and Steam Rooms

Niharika Arya Jul 29, 2020
Saunas and steam rooms are helpful in blood circulation, detoxification, improving skin conditions, weight loss, etc. Find out more details about there health benefits in the following story.
Saunas and steam rooms are world wide known for their health benefits and there effectiveness to overcome many health related problems. Though sauna and steam rooms are different, both of them nearly have same benefits. They are conducted in a closed room with the help of high temperature. The only difference between these two methods is moisture. Saunas use dry method and steam rooms as the name suggest use steam or moisture in their process.

Difference between the Sauna and Steam Rooms

The major difference between sauna and steam room is that, sauna consists of dry heat whereas steam rooms use steam to increase the temperature. Sauna is made up of wood with wooden benches and can accommodate more than one person. Whereas steam rooms are normal rooms with simple walls as it has moisture which can spoil the wooden furniture.

Health Benefits of Sauna Bath and Steam Bath

Sauna and steam rooms have many health benefits. Both of them are effective and are used world wide. Both have their own importance and even some risks. Following are some of their benefits which may help you to understand their working and for what purpose you can use them.

Blood Circulation

Researches show that sauna and steam bath helps in increasing the pulse rate to almost 30%. This makes the heart to pump more blood and hence, improves the blood circulation. It is also said that the lower level of sauna and steam may normalize the blood pressure and improve the functioning of heart.


Both sauna and steam bath are very effective in detoxifying the body. They help the body to secrete all the toxins in the form of sweat. If we take the example of steam bath, then one session of steam bath will eliminate almost 22 to 30% of body toxins. It opens the pores of the body and cleanses the skin. It also reduces the workload of kidney and liver and makes them healthy.

Respiratory Functions

There are many disorders which are caused due to the clogging of mucus in the respiratory organs. These therapies melt the mucus which is drained out of the body and improves the respiratory functions. This is one of the best steam room benefits. Whereas in sauna the dry air may choke the respiratory pipe and create complications.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is usually caused due to the improper flow of blood in such places. Sauna and stem bath may improve the blood flow and may give relief to the people who have joint pain and arthritis problems.


These methods are very helpful in relaxing the body. They relieve stress and after a hectic day long schedule, nothing is better than a session in sauna or steam room.

Healthy Skin

The detoxifying effect helps the body to release toxins, open pores and give a deep cleansing effect to the skin. This results in a healthy and glowing skin. It shows very good results in the acne prone skins and pimples.

Immune System

As increased temperature induces the effect of fever in the body, this results in the release of antibodies which fight against the microorganisms. This in turn improves the immune system of the body.

Weight Loss

These methods are also very helpful in weight loss. Saunas are more effective than the steam bath in this case. The high temperature increases the metabolic rate and helps in shedding excess bulge.
So, here we have seen the benefits of sauna as well as steam bath. Steam bath has a drawback as it is conducted under the moist conditions, it becomes a suitable atmosphere for the microorganisms to grow and flourish whereas the sauna does not allow even the sweat to remain on the body and curbs the growth of microorganisms. But both the methods are very helpful and have a number of benefits. I hope this
article was informative and helpful.