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Hangover Remedies

Sujata Iyer Jul 29, 2020
If you're planning to have a booze fest soon, keep some hangover remedies handy for the next morning. They'll definitely help you.
A master blaster headache. An involuntary urge to thrrrrow up. Everrrrything spinneeng round and round aaannd round and roun... and rou.... * sigh*. These are the standard and unmistakable symptoms that await you after you've had a merry night with your friends, drinking and dancing and going totally crazy. A hangover can sometimes be an annoying thumping in the back of your head.
Other times, it can come with a slight irritability and magnified hearing. But most of the time, if you've done full justice to the free bar, then you're most likely to have a stupendous headache while the room around you spins as everyone around you seems to be yelling at the top of their voices. To help you prepare to get through this ordeal of self-inflicted misery, here are some remedies that can be of help.

Hangover Remedies that Work

When it comes to remedies for a hangover, natural ones are definitely better. Let's face it, wouldn't you feel safer taking in something natural, rather than a shady concoction made by mixing some weird chemicals?
Prevent It: Prevention is definitely better than cure. You'll believe this if you don't prevent the hangover. To prevent or slightly reduce the magnitude of the hangover that you're sure you're going to have, you can consume a lot of starchy foods before drinking. You can also eat about 5-6 raw almonds before drinking. This will reduce the level of intoxication.
Apples: The apples that keep the doctor away when eaten on a daily basis are here to rescue you. Yes, apples help to get rid of hangovers. So keep a bunch in the fruit bowl, and mark it with big bold letters "EAT IN THE MORNING!".
Coconut Water: Drinking coconut water has also proven to be an effective remedy against a hangover. It acts as a hydrating agent for your body, which gets severely dehydrated after the consumption of alcohol. Also, it is completely natural and hence safe as ever.
Minerals: Foods that contain minerals are said to be good hangover cures. So eat foods like pickles, fruits, milk, yogurt, etc., that help to ease the pain and torture.
Hot and Cold Shower: Another effectual cure is a long shower. Step into the shower and alternate between hot and cold water. Keep doing this till you feel a little better.
Exercise: Another great way to get rid of a hangover is to work it off. Take a brisk walk, go for a run, swim some, go for a long bicycle ride. Anything that will get your juices flowing and make you feel tired but refreshed.
Bloody Mary or Hair of the Dog: You might not believe it, but consuming a little more alcohol (yes, the same one that has caused you to read this article) can help you to get rid of a hangover. Make a Bloody Mary or a Hair of the Dog. The vitamins in both these drinks will act as a cure, while the new alcohol will make your body ignore the one already in your system.
Fluids: Another popularly-recommended cure for hangovers is the intake of a lot and lot of fluids. Water, fruit juices, energy drinks, buttermilk, etc. Anything that will energize your body and clean up your system will help you rise again from the throes of even the deadliest hangover.
If none of the remedies mentioned here work for your hangover, then you can resort to over-the-counter pain killers. Do this only as a last resort, because you never know how it will react to the alcohol in your system. Here's hoping that you remember where you kept these remedies the next day!