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Full Face Masks for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Mukta Gaikwad Jul 31, 2020
Masks for sleep apnea are a great way of treating this disorder. Full face masks, nasal pillows, or oral masks, the choice is yours. However, do consult your doctor prior to using one.
Sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by breaks in breathing while sleeping. The breath of the person suffering from this disorder, leaps frequently in the sleep. Usually, there's a 10 second interval between the breaths. This disorder is categorized as central, obstructive and complex. Many times, one may not even recognize the irregularity in breathing.
The most commonly seen symptom of this disorder is snoring. Sleep apnea increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. A person suffering from this disorder is also prone to accidents because of sleep deprivation which leads to poor concentration. Fortunately, this disorder can be treated with the help of masks.
The treatment for sleep apnea is non-surgical. It ranges between behavioral changes, dental appliances, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), and medications.
Behavioral changes refer to dealing with obesity and changing positions while sleeping, whereas dental appliances require equipment in order to help the person breath properly. The best among the treatments is CPAP. This treatment uses pillows, masks, and nasal masks to cure the patient.

Nasal Pillow

This nasal pillow is extremely light and easy to use. It stops the user from snoring, and thus in turn provides the bed partner a relief too. Designed in a very compact way, the nasal pillow can be used while traveling also. The straps give a personalized fit and allows the user to change positions while sleeping.

Oral Masks

Oral masks are the ones that fit inside the mouth. They are meant for those who sleep with their mouth open, which leads to quick drying of the mouth. As a result, the lower nasal passages dry out and throat becomes dry. The heat humidifier of this mask is thus a relief.
The mask also permits the user to wear eyeglasses. Patients who have undergone a surgery and the ones with the problem of teeth grinding cannot wear an oral mask.

Triangular Masks

Triangular masks have two openings which allow the regulation of oxygen. A gel like material is used to make these masks. This makes them flexible and hence, they can be easily molded as per the shape of the face. They cushioning makes them extremely soft to touch and easy to wear.

Full Face Sleep Apnea Masks

Air leakage from the mouth while sleeping would ruin the therapy. A full face mask is the best option in case of severe sleep apnea because it covers the nose and the mouth completely. The early stages of using these masks, may be a little irritating, but one has to understand that it is the crucial time too.
As the movement gets obstructed, wearing the headgear becomes really annoying and taxing. The biggest advantage of the mask is, it stops the snoring completely. This is a huge relief for the bed partner also.
The use of face masks enables the injection and maintenance of positive airway pressure. Before you go out and buy a headgear, research and understand which one fits you the best.
For those who suffer from claustrophobia, nasal masks will work equally well. Mask treatment for sleep apnea, allows the individual to talk too. Hence, the mask will definitely not be a trouble, for talking while in bed. However, before you buy any of these masks, consult a doctor for a proper diagnoses.