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Five Refreshing Ways to Start your Day

Sheetal Mandora
Waking up feeling refreshed can be tough for many of us, but it's certainly not impossible. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your mornings are invigorating. Follow these five simple tips and have a stress-free day, everyday.

A Slumber Reminder!

In order to increase productivity and ensure optimum health, it is necessary that adults get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.
No matter how early we crash in bed or get only a few hours of sleep, waking up in the morning is never an easy task. Many of us try unique methods to revive ourselves like, drinking warm water, meditating, splashing cold water on the face, or even engaging in deep breathing exercises. These methods may work for some, but it may not be enough. Of course, there is no special formula or a magical technique that will help you start the day off right. However, there are a few things you can do to boost your mood in the morning and have a smooth day.

Making a Fresh Start

There can be many reasons behind not being able to wake up feeling fresh; perhaps you were burdened with deadlines at work, chores around the house, or you couldn't stop thinking about the next day's responsibilities. It's quite common to feel exhausted and tired all the time. However, there are certain things you can do to begin each day feeling revitalized and focused.
Sunshine is the Key
As soon as your alarm clock goes off, don't hit the 'snooze' button. Get out of bed, even if you cannot open your eyes completely and walk towards the windows. Regardless of the weather outside, open your windows to let fresh air and sunlight in. Stretch as much as you feel like and take plenty of deep breaths.
Listen to Music
After you wake up, take merely 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to listen to your favorite music. Put some energetic or inspiring music on your iPod (or turn on the radio) and let the beats charge you from inside. Music can manipulate your body into thinking that it's energetic.
30-minute Workout
Easier said than done, a little bit of exercise in the morning is all it takes. There's no need for you to jog 10 miles or hit the gym. What we are trying to say here is that physical activity can help increase your body's temperature and kick-start your metabolism.
You can choose to do yoga, jog at the same spot, walk or cycle around the block, or do some aerobics at home; all these activities will instantly warm you up.
A Relaxing Shower
It is believed that taking a cold shower not only provides you energy, but also improves blood circulation, relieves depression, keeps your skin and hair healthy, and strengthens your immunity. Now not everyone likes the idea of a cold shower, you can splash some cold water on your face initially and then bathe with not-very-cold-slightly-tepid water.
A Healthy Breakfast
Eating a super-healthy breakfast each morning is something every nutritionist and doctor will approve of. After all, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. What you need to be careful about is what you have for breakfast. When we say 'super-healthy', this means combining protein and carbohydrates to keep you alert.

The Night Before

It's not uncommon to have hectic work schedule, responsibilities and chores around the house, and take care of a whole lot of other things. So what you do the night before makes a huge difference on how your next morning and the rest of the day will be. Hence, it's necessary to follow a particular routine each night before you go to bed.


1. Set the alarm clock and make a 'to-do' list.
2. Keep your outfit for the next day ready.
3. Remove all clutter from the bedroom.
4. Close the blinds before going to bed.


1. Go to bed hungry or eat just before bedtime.
2. Drink coffee or alcohol late at night.
3. Exercise before you go to bed.
4. Keep the alarm clock next to you.
Note: If you cannot fall asleep at night because your mind is preoccupied or you're too stressed out, read something for a while, walk around the house to tire yourself, or have a glass of warm milk.

For a few days, following this routine can be unmanageable and you may feel like going back to the way things were. But try to hold on and keep pushing through. When you motivate yourself to do something positive in your life, things will work out the way you want them to.
These are five simple tricks that will help elevate your mood after you wake up in the morning. You will feel more energized and sail through the day effortlessly.