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Eyes Tired from Computer Usage

Rujuta Borkar Jul 27, 2020
One of the most common complaints you'll find these days is that of eyes getting tired from constant computer use. What is the effect of this and how to prevent any probable damage, is what we will be looking into in this following piece.
"Why do you have to spend so much time in front of that blessed computer?"
My mom usually bellows when I'm stuck to the computer seat. Now how do I explain to her that the computer god cannot be angered? Ah well. You know how it is. Work. Internet. Studies. Assignments. YouTube. Downloads. It's all in that computer! Then what am I supposed to do? But all said and done, has it ever happened to you, that your eyes are getting really tired from all that computer use?
In recent times, this has become a very common problem. Why does that happen and what do we do about it? Let us see what some of the reasons of this happening are.

Computer Effect on Eyes

Does the computer damage eyes? To an extent, yes. The letters that we see on the computer screen are a result of pixels that are put together to form a letter. They are not as well-defined as the letters on a printed page are. The eyes find it difficult to focus on these letters and that is why several problems manifest in a short span of time. Along with that, other factors like poor lighting conditions and sitting on a chair that offers no proper support are also some of the things that lead to eye problems. The following conditions and are some such results of constant computer usage.

Computer Vision Syndrome

The most common effect of constantly working at the computer is the development of the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The common symptoms of which are headaches, eye infections, rashes, blurred vision, tired eyes, dryness in eyes, watery eyes, heightened sensitivity to light, itchy red eyes, eye soreness and strain, less focus, eye allergies, aching eyes, and neck and shoulder pain.

Vision Problems

Other than the problems that are commonly felt (like the ones mentioned above) there are other problems as well that develop with the constant use of the computer. A person who already suffers form vision problems like focusing, under corrected and uncorrected vision, presbyopia, and astigmatism, will find that the conditions become more severe. Their eye number will increase and these problems will worsen.

Lighting Issues

One of the major reasons due to which eye problems have become common place is because no one takes into consideration the lighting conditions of the room. The lighting cannot be dim, because the contrast between the computer screen and the room can cause blurred vision, double vision, and tremendous strain on the eyes. This is the same reason why one should never sit facing a window which is not covered by blinds and neither backing one because that causes direct shadows to fall on the screen.

Preventing Eye Strain

There is a need to protect your eyes from the incorrect exposure to computer and laptop screens. Here are some things that you should keep in mind and follow without fail for keeping your eyes healthy:
  • Make sure that the screen is placed at a level that is lower than your normal vision.
  • Ensure that there is effective lighting.
  • If possible, have an anti-glare coating screen fitted over the computer.
  • Consciously blink your eyes whenever you remember to. This will prevent half the eye problems.
  • Make sure to give your eyes rest after every hour spent in front of the computer. Splash water on your face during the break that you take.
  • Place the screen at least 30 inches away from you.
  • Adjust the computer brightness to a minimum.
  • The correct posture to sit at the computer is―shoulders relaxed, thighs horizontal, forearms and hands in a straight line, proper lower back support, feet flat on the ground. This is the position that will prevent any problems.
  • Do some simple eye exercises to strengthen the eyes.
  • Do some palming exercises. For this, rub your palms together till they are warm, then make a pad of your palms and place over both eyes to form a cover. Hold this position for a good 5 minutes for instant relief and rejuvenation of the eyes.
  • Make sure to have some re-wetting eye drops if you are prone to developing dry eyes.

  • Never rub the eyes.
  • Wear anti-glares or zero powered specs to protect your eyes.
  • Make sure to visit an ophthalmologist periodically to keep a check on your eye health and rule out any serious problems.
Now that you know what the effects of constant exposure to the computer are, why wait till you are complaining about eyes getting tired from computer use? Make sure that it does not happen by following the above mentioned pointers and keeping your eyes healthy.