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Eye Tracking Exercises

Aakash Singh Jul 30, 2020
Eye tracking exercises help develop your visual skills and reduce eye strain. The story will guide you through some exercises which will be beneficial for the same....
For individuals who find it difficult to track objects or movements or those who find it hard to follow alphabets while reading, eye tracking exercises can help them correct their vision. It not only helps to relax the eye muscles but also heals them and strengthens the muscles behind the eyes. A variety of eye exercises help and improve the lenses of our eyes, which in turn correct our vision.

What are Eye Tracking Exercises?

We need to exercise the eye muscles to keep them healthy and in good shape. Muscles control our eyes, hence we must indulge in eye muscle training exercises to make these muscles work more efficiently. It will help one to be focused on a particular object without moving their eyes, and also be capable of tracking objects, both far and near. Mentioned below are some exercises that will be useful to you.


To improve the flexibility of your eyes, here's one exercise for you. You can stand or sit straight, then place your index finger near your face, do not get it too close, then slowly move it away from your body. Extend your arm as much as you can and keep focusing at the tip of your finger. Then bring the finger back towards the original position. You must remember to focus on the finger the entire time. Repeat this for about 15 times to help maintain eye focus and improve tracking skills.

Flashlight Exercise

This exercise can be fun. What you need to do is get in a dark room with a flashlight, with a friend or a partner. The other person must also possess a flashlight. Using his flashlight your partner will focus on various objects in the room and the person who is exercising must be able to track it using his own flashlight.

Ball Tracking

In this exercise, you will require a string on to which you will have to attach a tennis ball. You need to hang the string to the ceiling. Let someone give the string a little jerk so that the ball moves in random directions. What you need to do is track the ball without moving. This eye tracking exercise helps you to track the object at different speeds and maintain the coordination.


With your hand, cover one eye and focus on an object which is far away, and then immediately look at an object near you. Repeat this about 3-4 times and exercise both your eyes alternately. This activity will help the eyes to focus maintaining the perfect focal length.
It is really important for you to let your eyes relax for it to work at the optimum level. One of the techniques we'll cover here is palming. In this technique, you need to sit comfortably, relax your body and rub your hands together until you feel the warmth in your palms. Then cover your closed eyes with it. You need to make sure that you are not applying pressure on your eyes and also your nose must not be covered. Repeat it 3-4 times and feel the difference.
People who work on a computer for hours together experience eye fatigue the most. Looking at a computer for longer duration at a stretch can be harmful. Hence it must be avoided. Make it a habit to look at distant objects occasionally, objects which are about 5 meters or so away from you. Look away a few minutes and you can return to work.
The reason for this is that our eyes relax when we look at distant objects. This is known as vision break. Hence developing this habit will help relax the eye muscles. Another relaxation technique is to close your eyes and shut it tight and feel the pressure of your facial muscles on your eyes. Repeat this a few times and you will feel better.
The eyes are one of the most important parts of our body with which we can perceive things in a better way. Proper eye care can ensure that all eye problems are kept at bay. Engaging in these simple exercises will not only benefit our eyes but in return will do good to your overall health as well.