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Dangers of Cell Phone Towers

Abhijit Naik Jul 29, 2020
Cell phone network is one of the most popular components of communication technology. Though it allows us to stay connected, it also has some hazardous effects on our health.
Since its introduction around 20 years ago, the cell phone has come a long way to become an integral part of our life. Today there are millions of cell phone users in the United States alone.
To provide proper service to increasing customers, companies have set up several towers all over the country. Cell phone towers form an important component of the cell phone network. In North America, the term 'cell site' refers to a site wherein antennas or other electronic communication equipment are attached to a tower to create or enhance the network.

Dangers of Living Near Cell Phone Towers

Cell phones work on radio frequencies ranging from 300 MHz to 3000 MHz. The wavelengths of these ultra-high frequencies ranges from 10 to 100 cm. Chronic exposure to such frequencies can be dangerous, especially if you are exposed to them for a prolonged duration.
Those who live in the vicinity of a cell phone tower are continuously exposed to harmful cellular radiations and thus, are vulnerable to several health risks of the same. Various studies have revealed that frequent exposure to these RF (radio frequency) radiations can lead to health-related problems ranging from chronic fatigue to DNA damage.
Research done by Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, California, revealed that even at low levels of RF radiation, there is evident damage to cell tissue and DNA. These radiations also reduce the competence of the immune system. Leukemia is one of the major illnesses among people living in the vicinity of cell phone towers.
A study by Dr Bruce Hocking from Australia, revealed that children living near these towers had double the risk of childhood leukemia than those who lived at least 7 miles away from the towers. Problems like eye cancer, miscarriage, cardiac arrests, and brain tumors are common health risks of living near these towers.
It also leads to other relatively less serious health issues, like sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and depression. Some researchers argue that exposure to these radiations can also lead to memory loss and infertility.
The harmful effects of tower radiation are not restricted to humans alone. They are also seen in animals and plants in the form of abnormal growth, behavior problems, etc. In Germany, a study of dairy cows revealed that they were affected by the proximity to cell phone towers. They demonstrated abnormal behavior and their milk production was also reduced.
The biggest problem, however, is the lack of proper evidence to support all these claims. Officials from cell phone companies claim that they follow all the norms laid down by FCC, and hence, there are no threats whatsoever.
Even people who use cell phones are in a way exposed to low level radiations. Does that mean we should stop using cell phones? Now that's a question which has to be given a serious thought.