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Everything You Want to Know About Computer Reading Glasses

Rita Putatunda
Computer reading glasses are increasingly in demand due to the many hours spent by people in front of the computer. Are these glasses helpful for your eyes or are they just a fad among computer users?
These days everybody is using the computer for their work and leisure. There are about 80 percent people who use the computer regularly. Having to stare at the computer monitor for hours on end often results in symptoms like eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, and so on, which is referred to as computer vision syndrome, or CVS.
The American Optometric Association (AOA) defines CVS as an eye and vision related problem that occurs due to work on the computer. Prolonged use of computers can put a strain on the eyes, causing one to develop vision problems. People often complain of tired eyes and tense eye muscles.
Use of proper computer reading eyeglasses will help reduce this strain. These glasses can safeguard you from being afflicted by CVS by bringing about an improvement in your vision, with or without prescription. Computer reading glasses can also lessen the glare and block harmful ultraviolet rays, both of which have been linked to cataracts.
These are special spectacles that help in reducing the eyestrain caused due to staring at the computer monitor.
What exactly are Computer Reading Glasses?
However, care must be taken while buying them because many unscrupulous vendors sell cheap tinted glasses as computer reading glasses. Hence, check out a reputable source to get your computer glasses.

These days you get modern and lightweight rimless glasses that are made of highly flexible stainless steel.
While there are bifocals available, but for those who do not wear spectacles there are computer glasses which have a slight correction of +0.25 to +0.75, which helps to reduce the focal point just enough to bring about relief on the strain caused to the eye muscle.
Plus, they have an anti-reflective coating, which helps to reduce the glare while it also imparts a slight amount of tint. However, if you do require reading glasses, there are single vision lenses that are low powered, which you could check out.

Design Factors for Computer Reading Glasses

While the design is an individual matter, and there are lots of varieties to choose from, experts recommend the rimless, low-powered glasses with frames that are ultra light, along with choosing lenses according to the requirement of each eye. If you do use reading glasses, then you'll discover that while you use the computer you will require a lower power.
Computer glasses that have the +0.25 to +0.75 correction are of the lowest power, which is ideal for the 22-inch to 30-inch distance that usually exists between the user and the computer. Most lenses have an anti-reflective coating on them.
The best solution of course is to get a pair of computer reading glasses according to your exact prescription requirements as well as the conditions in your workplace.

The Anti-Glare Coating

While the anti-glare coating does result in having to clean the glasses more frequently, however, it also improves its resistance to scratching.
The term 'glare' when associated with using the computer actually means the intensity of the surrounding light that is higher than that of the computer, which causes visual noise and affects the ability of the eyes to focus on the monitor. Computer reading glasses that have anti-glare coating on their lenses alleviates that by reducing the visual noise.

With Tinted Lenses

They reduce too much of the blue light spectrum. Since no reliable scientific studies prove this, and since about any tint in the lenses will have the cutting down effect on the intensity of the light and cause the pupils to dilate, leading to a depth of field that is narrower, experts usually don't recommend tint on the lenses of computer reading glasses.

Can Reading Glasses be Used as Computer Glasses?

Regular reading glasses are generally not suitable while using the computer, since the interpupillary distance can be quite great, which causes even more eyestrain and also induces prism vision.
The best way to counter that is to get computer reading glasses with suitable lenses according to the requirement of each eye as well as choosing the correct nose bridge so that the interpupillary distance can be adjusted appropriately.

Glasses with Progressive Lenses

These are usually prescribed for computer reading glasses. Then are generally more expensive compared to normal lenses, plus they need to be made very carefully, according to the exact prescription. They also need a period of adjustment for the user to get completely comfortable with them. They are usually not appropriate for made-to-wear computer glasses.

With Melanin Tinted Lenses

Melanin is a substance that we have in our skin, which protects the underlying tissues of the skin from damage by absorbing the light from the sun. The melanin that is used in the lenses works on the same principle, by absorbing the light given off by the computer monitor as well as the surrounding light.
Actually, it helps to reduce the violet and blue light from fluorescent light and the computer monitor, which have the ability of causing damage to our eyes. These specialized glasses are available with reading magnification and as non-prescription, either at optician's stores or from online outlets from ready-to-wear retailers of reading glasses.
You will also find designer computer reading glasses, which apart from being functional can add a touch of class to your face. If you work on a computer for more than two hours a day, then you definitely should think about getting glasses for computer use. Check with your doctor before going in for any type of reading glasses.