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Cleaning Contact Lenses

There is a method of cleaning contact lenses that one must follow to prolong their life and ensure the safety of their eyes. Here are some instructions.
The process of cleaning your contact lenses that is explained to you by your optician, or the person who sells you the lenses, often seems a little tedious, but definitely has its advantages. As someone who has worn contacts for many years, there have been many times when I've had the urge to skip the cleaning process, and just put them into the solution filled case.
In fact, I have given in and done just that several times. However, every one of these times, when I put them back on, they felt much less comfortable than usual. So whether you do it for comfort, or to minimize your chances of getting an eye infection, contact lenses clean up is very important.

Keeping Contact Lenses Clean

Start by placing your lens case on a clean surface which is easily accessible to you. Open the lens case, throw away the old solution, and refill it with fresh solution. You can use a multi-purpose solution, or a contact lens disinfectant. In addition to that, some people also use enzyme tablets once a week to get rid of excess protein deposits.
A very important preliminary step is washing your hands well. The method I suggest, requires you to first thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water, till they are squeaky clean. Rinse your hands well to ensure that there is no soap left on them else, if it enters the eyes, it can lead to burning and tearing.
Take the contact lens out of your eye and place it in the palm of your slightly cupped hand. Cover it with some contact lens cleaning solution, place your finger in the lens and move it 5 to 10 times in clockwise circle. Then, do the same in anticlockwise direction. When you are done, rinse out the lens with some more solution and place it in the case. Repeat the same cleaning procedure with the other lens.
One must never use water for the cleaning process, however, you can use saline to rinse them. Solutions for cleaning and soaking lenses help keep them sterile, which plain water won't do. Some people also try hydrogen peroxide as it is a good cleaning agent for tiles and a number of different surfaces.
However it is not recommended for a product as delicate as contact lenses. The only way to use it is, if it comes as a component in a solution meant specifically for contact lenses.

Extra Care

  • Wear your contact lenses only for the time duration that has been recommended. This may be hours in the day, or number of days in┬áthe case of disposable contact lenses.
  • Always follow cleaning and storing instructions provided by your optician, as they will be specifically suited to the type of lenses you use.
  • Never adjust, put on, or take off your lenses without washing your hands first.
  • If you feel burning or itching in your eyes, see redness, or experience excessive tearing, stop wearing your lenses and visit your eye doctor. Only resume wearing your lenses once the problem has been addressed.
  • Contact lenses can dry out your eyes. Use a solution meant to especially wet them and keep them moist. Also, don't expose your eyes to any direct blast of air.
Adhere to these steps, to protect your eyes from damage. In addition, try to wear sunglasses when outdoors and never sleep with them on, unless you are prescribed 'Extended Wear' contacts.

 Marian K

Morgan Vander Hart