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Chair Massage Vs. Table Massage

Nicks J
A feeling of relaxation is a given after going through a massage session. A chair massage, also known as seated massage, is done when the receiver is in a sitting position. Is it better than the traditional way of undergoing massage? Let's find out.

Did You Know?

With no private space needed for chair massage, it can be practiced anywhere. Be it the chair or table massage, both are effective in calming your mind, relieving body stress, and uplifting your spirits. The type of massage you choose depends on several factors, the most important being affordability and time availability.
The story compares both these massage techniques on factors that may influence your decision on which one to choose.

Massage Chair and Table: Comparisons

Areas Targeted

Unlike a table massage, which is considered to be a whole body massage, the chair massage focuses on the upper body, namely the hips, back, neck, arms, shoulders, and the head. As the person is sitting during the massage, the therapist may find it difficult to effectively treat certain areas of the body such as the chest, hips, and legs.


There is no need to undress yourself when taking a chair massage. This technique allows you to have a massage when your clothes are on. However, warm clothes like jackets, sweaters, and gloves should not be worn during massage.
In case of table massage, usually the clients are advised to disrobe in order to get a successful and effective massage treatment. So, if you are uncomfortable about undressing before a massage, receiving a seated massage should be your obvious choice.


People with time constraints would certainly opt a chair massage as usually it does not last for than 10-15 minutes. On the other hand, a table massage, which is a full body massage, will take at least 60 minutes of your time.
So, when it comes to incorporating a quick, efficient massage in your busy schedule, what better way than opting for a chair massage. A table massage can be scheduled on weekends when you have enough time for yourself.


The massage chair takes less floor space as compared to a massage table, when in use. No wonder, the massage chair is a space-saving item. A chair massage sounds practical for those facing space availability issues.

Greasy Feeling

A table massage often involves application of oil all over the body using long strokes. However, many times the oil does not get completely absorbed into the skin. As a result, you may experience a sticky or greasy feeling after the massage session.
Also, use of massage oil can cause skin irritation in people with sensitive skin. So, if you are worried about skin allergy or don't like leaving with a greasy feeling after a massage, think of trying a seated massage, as it does not involve any usage of oils or creams.


A table massage is always done in dedicated massage rooms. Keeping the recipient's comfort in mind, a private room wherein the windows are closed is essential to practice table massage.
On the other hand, a seated massage is a short therapeutic massage that needs minimal space and can be easily done in a small corner of a room. Moreover, you are fully clothed when taking a seated massage. Hence, there are no privacy concerns in this type of massage technique.


A seated chair massage is a short session that focuses more on certain areas of the body. This seated massage technique is effective for releasing shoulder tension and easing back and neck pain.
As a full body massage targets all muscle groups, it is highly relaxing and an effective way to relieve stress and body ache. Hence, people coming home after a hard day's work find a table massage more de-stressing than a chair massage. Thus, you may feel more relaxed with a full body massage.


Therapists who do a full body massage charge more than those who perform a chair massage. In the United States, for a table massage, you will priced anywhere between $70 and $100, depending upon the duration of the massage. Alternatively, a seated massage will cost you anywhere between $10-$20.


Accessing and lying on a massage table can be difficult for the elderly and those suffering from injuries and chronic ailments like fibromyalgia. In such circumstances, a seated massage chair can come in handy, which is also found to be more convenient for the elderly.
After going through this story, one can definitely say that a chair massage is affordable and convenient enough to easily fit into your busy schedule. With no need for undressing, it is no surprise that a chair massage has more takers than a table massage.