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How to Choose Colored Braces

Puja Lalwani Aug 26, 2020
Some of you may find the whole experience of getting braces very traumatic. However, there are now a variety of colored options that are available to make this a slightly more pleasant experience. These basic guidelines will tell you how to choose colored braces.
The prospect of getting braces at any age is not one that is very exciting or thrilling. Of course, there are a select few who prefer to see the bigger picture, and choose to reflect on how beautiful their smile is going to be after their orthodontic treatment has been completed.
However, there are a few of us who are clearly embarrassed of sporting them (kids and adults alike), of being tagged 'metal-mouth', and whose smiles are very well controlled so as not to reveal those ugly metallic devices.
However, now, there is a silver (or let's say colored) lining in the cloud, as you can opt for colored braces, and choose from those options that you think suit your personality, your skin, your eyes, your clothes, or anything else you would like to match with them.

Guidelines for Choosing Braces

Before we learn how to choose the right colors, let's understand a little about braces. How do they work? They contain brackets, bonding material, ligature elastics, and arch wire, that are fixed together on your teeth, and work to straighten out teeth that are protruding, or aren't aligned in the right manner.
The reason you may need this treatment is because having teeth that are crooked or protruding may firstly affect the way you look, and secondly may affect the quality of dental hygiene over time.
You may now have realized that orthodontic braces are essential for you, and while there was a time earlier when there were no choices on the types and colors, there is now a huge variety to choose from, that immediately make the prospect of getting braces much more bearable. Here's how you can decide the right color for yourself.
►The first step is finding out the options that are available with your orthodontist. While the choices available may range from black, blue, green, red, hot pink, purple, gray, yellow, white, neon colors that glow in the dark, ceramic, and even invisible braces, the choice with your orthodontist may be limited or more varied.
►An interesting fact is that your choice is not limited to one single shade. You can get a combination of two or more from the variety that is available, and you can change the colors with every visit to your orthodontist.
►To get some help in choosing one that is a proper fit for you, your orthodontist may have a color selector, that shows you the entire palette that is available, and how each option will look on you. This will definitely make the task easier.
►If possible, always try to choose a color that is darker, rather than a lighter one, particularly white. This is because the lighter ones will give away any stains or defects on your teeth, and are likely to show stuck food particles after a snack or a meal, till you go and get rid of them.
►You may want to relate the color to something you support, or are generally looking forward to. For instance, you may choose a blue to sport the color of your favorite team playing this season, and then switch to orange for Halloween, and green for Christmas.
In another instance, you may choose to get a particular color to match the outfit you are wearing to a particular party, and the next month go back to another one of your choice.
►You should ensure that you will be able to live with those you have chosen. While it is possible for you to change the color as and when you like, there is a certain cost factor that should be considered. To avoid going overboard on the expenses involved, choose something that you won't get bored of soon.
►If you don't want colored braces, you can go for ceramic or invisible ones. The most important benefit of getting ceramic ones, is that it blends in with your teeth and doesn't make you feel as conscious as you may feel with metallic braces.
►Finally, ensure you inform your orthodontist of your choice beforehand, so he/she can prepare the braces you want, and inform you if they are not available.
Now that you have the whole palette before you, make the most of the time you have to wear the braces, by sporting those colors that you think are perfect for you. Just remember to take good dental care so that your whole experience remains fun throughout.