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Best Natural Sleep Aids

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jul 29, 2020
If one faces difficulty in sleeping at nights and is affected by insomnia, then natural aids might prove beneficial. They would help in relaxing one's mind and thereby gaining a peaceful sleep naturally. Here is some information on these natural aids.
'Tossing and turning', if this is how one describes their nights, then he/she is one of the 30% Americans who are affected by insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, wherein one has difficulty sleeping at night. The body's biological clock is hammered due to lack of sleep.
Moreover, the body carries out its regular cellular maintenance when one rests. One would be affected by stress, lethargy, fatigue, acidity, headaches, and irritability when deprived of the regular rest period.
The affected people may experience sleeplessness for one or two nights. If this happens on a regular basis, then it may be due to some underlying cause. Chronic insomnia is often a symptom of some other conditions like depression, heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, lung disorders, or hot flashes. One should seek medical help when facing regular insomnia.
There are many allopathic medications that are prescribed by medical practitioners, or over-the-counter drugs that are available to combat the disorder. However, these medications have many side effects and could become an addiction. There are many natural remedies that can cure insomnia, without causing addiction.

Natural Remedies


This is one of the best cures for the condition and it has been used as a natural remedy for many years. It is non-addictive and does not cause morning grogginess. It has become an over-the-counter insomnia remedy in many countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy. Valerian should be taken at least one hour before bedtime.
It takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to work. However, one should not use it for more than 3 months, as it may cause many side effects which include indigestion, headache, palpitations, and dizziness. One should consult a qualified medical practitioner before using Valerian, as it should not be taken along with other medications like sedatives and antihistamines.


This is another natural remedy which might prove effective for those people whose rest cycle has been disturbed, like people working in shifts or those having jet lag. It is a naturally occurring hormone found in the body.
Furthermore, it should be taken 30 minutes before bedtime. It should not be used by people affected by depression, schizophrenia, autoimmune diseases, and pregnant and nursing women.

Ayurvedic Remedies

The natural remedies according to Ayurveda is the intake of the following herbs with milk or water thrice daily:
Bacopa Monnieri  - 500 mg- 1 gram
Acorus Calamus  - 500 mg- 1 gram.

Vitamin B

Another natural remedy is Vitamin B complex. It is a group of eight essential vitamins that are required for various metabolic processes. Deficiency of Vitamin B complex may lead to this condition. Therefore, intake of the supplements might prove beneficial.


This is one of the best cures for insomnia. It is found in soy proteins, turkey, milk, and almonds. These food products can be consumed as a bedtime snack. Vitamin B-6 helps convert tryptophan into serotonin, a sleep-inducing neurotransmitter.

Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium is a natural tranquilizer. Calcium and Magnesium deficiency leads to muscle spasms, cramps, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and headaches. Magnesium deficiency can also cause heart palpitations and constipation.


This mild herb has a tranquilizing action similar to some drugs. Do not use Chamomile for long periods without a break. People who are allergic to ragweed should avoid consuming this herb.


Yoga exercises lead to a calming effect and help promote sleep. One can perform power yoga or Ashtanga three times a week, before bedtime. One can also perform the corpse pose on the bed, which would aid in getting rid of the problem.
Avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoking, long afternoon naps, and fast-paced stimulating music before going to bed. If you love music then play a soft, soothing rhythm and take a warm bath before bed. Clear out all the tension and stress before going to bed.
These natural remedies do not work instantly but help decrease these problems gradually. Consult a medical practitioner before trying any of these remedies. They would definitely aid in a good night's sleep.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.