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Alcohol Abuse Treatment Options

Rujuta Borkar Jul 25, 2020

Do you know someone who is suffering from alcohol abuse and want to help them by supplying information about the different treatment options that are available? This story will help you with just that.
Alcohol abuse is very difficult to deal with. Not only for the patient, but for those around him as well. Watching a near one suffering from alcohol abuse can be very challenging and cause tremendous pain.
One will definitely want to stop the person who is suffering from the abuse from causing further damage to himself. In such a case, it will help if one knows the different alcohol treatment options that are available, so that one can choose the best and most appropriate one from among these.

Decide and Quit

A person who drinks heavily, somewhere deep down in all that alcoholic daze, knows that it is affecting his life, relationships, and work performances. People are losing respect for him and are not taking him seriously anymore. In such a scenario, he needs to decide to quit for himself. This is one of the better options available.
It is important to understand that it might be very difficult to go cold turkey on alcohol and give it up completely in one go. For some, it is a gradual process and a very, very difficult one to embark on and achieve.
When one first stops the intake of alcohol, there will be varied withdrawal symptoms to deal with, and the urge to resume drinking will be tremendous. The solution to this is having a close friend or relative monitor your activities and not let you drink.
Replacing drinking with some other activity will go a long way in helping you stay sober. Is there a particular time when the urge to drink is at its highest point? Then make sure that you keep yourself busy during that time. Join an activity and immerse yourself in that instead.
Try not to pass places that sell alcoholic drinks to avoid temptation. And reward yourself when you are successful in avoiding alcohol. This will reinforce the positive action and give you further motivation to not start drinking again. Do anything as simple as buying something for yourself.

Rehabilitation Centers

Sometimes, alcoholism reaches a point where it is impossible for a person to give up drinking on his own. In such a case, he requires external factors to help him. Recognizing this need, several alcohol rehabilitation and treatment centers have been established in our society.

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These centers provide all the help that is required by a person who is trying to quit alcohol. These facilities may range from short term residential treatments or long term treatments that deal with therapy and counseling.
Rehab centers will provide all the necessary facilities like doctors, psychologists, and helpers who are required to help you quit the addiction. This focuses not only on making you quit alcohol but also helps you from not slipping back to the habit after you leave the rehabilitation center. This is one option that you can depend on at all times.

Medicine Intake

This is a fairly new entry in the alcohol treatment options list. There are certain medicines that are prescribed by the Food and Drug Administration that can help people who are trying to quit alcohol. There are mainly three drugs that fall in this category.
They are:
  • Naltrexone- This pill reduces alcohol cravings by blocking the effects of alcohol in the brain.
  • Antabuse - This pill when consumed, will make a person sick. Thereby deterring him from consuming any form of alcohol.
  • Acamprosate- This will help in relieving the discomfort and distress that is so commonly experienced by alcoholics who stop drinking.

Support Groups

If one does not want to admit oneself in a rehab center, and does not find the strength that is needed to quit alcoholism by themselves, then they can join a support group. A support group will do exactly what the name suggests. It is a group that you can lean on for support to come out of a problem.
The most famous group of them all is the Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). These support groups have programs whereby men and women who suffer from alcohol abuse will come forth and discuss their problems and possible solutions. They will talk about their efforts and the difficulties that they faced. This helps others to draw inspiration to quit or continue to remain sober.
They have several programs designed. Like a 12 step approach which explains how to quit and never resume drinking again. For example - they have options like 'call a friend', whereby when one experiences the urge to drink, they can call this appointed 'friend' and he/she will be responsible to stop them from having any alcohol.
It has been shown that people who join support groups in combination with other alcohol treatment options, have experienced more success when it comes to quitting alcohol.
The fact about the varied alcohol treatment options is that you will not know which particular style will suit you best until you try different ones. The point being that one should not quit trying, but keep at it until they meet success.